Traditional Barber Wetshave

A traditional wet shave by a trained professional barber is the height of pampering for lost of men. It’s the ultimate shaving experience – giving you the best shave you’ll ever have.

  1. Shaving oil is applied. It contains various essential ingredients and is applied with the tips of the fingers in a circular, vigorous motion to ‘raise’ the beard.

  2. A hot towel is then applied to open skin pores, soften the beard and draw the essential ingredients into the skin.

  3. A lather of rich shaving cream is then applied using a hot badger hair shaving brush in circular, vigorous movements to once again raise the beard and any ingrown hairs.

  4. Another hot towel is then applied to warm the shaving cream onto the face and help keep it moist.

  5. The Towel is removed while still warm and the shaving cream is applied again ready for the shave.

  6. The first shave is completed using a cutthroat style razor, going with the grain of the beard.

  7. Another layer of foam is lightly applied with the hot brush so as not to irritate the freshly shaved skin.

  8. The beard is then shaved against the grain.

  9. Shaving oil is applied to sooth, soften and cool the skin.

Traditional Wet Shave


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